Our Kitchen


Our Kitchen

Rooted in the delightfully bold flavors and techniques of the Creole and Cajun kitchen's, we season our soul food with a good bit of Lowcountry swag and So-Cal culture. Every dish we serve is a result of our entire kitchen working together as a family. Our scratch cookery focuses on thoughtfully sourced sustainable ingredients, modern culinary technique and puttin' a whole lotta' love into everything we do. Whether getting eats with us at our neighborhood barroom Preux or our more formal dining room Proper, we truly hope that you'll dig our attention to detail when it comes to making food to satisfy your soul. 

We strive to source our food and product from sustainable companies operated with love, care and integrity. Currently, we're proudly sourcing from (and supporting) The Garden Of..., McGrath Family Farm, Peads & Barnetts, Weiser Family Farm, Dock to Dish, Rocky Canyon Farms, Sonoma County Poultry, Sunburst Trout Farms, Rancho Gordo, Anson Mills, Cypress Grove, Johnson County Country Hams, Mary's Free Range Poultry, North Country Smokehouse, Strauss Free Raised Grass Fed Beef, Central Milling, Chino Valley Ranchers, Hudson Valley Foie Gras and many more.


Proper Dining

Proper Dining

Proper—our upstairs dining room—offers an elegant gathering place for modern food and beverage. Our bistro seating, extensive dinner menu and craft cocktails embrace the illustrious characteristics of Uptown New Orleans. The next time you're craving southern hospitality in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, we hope you'll make reservations with us upstairs.  

SMOKED BEEF HEART PASTRAMI TOAST  |  rancho gordo domingo rojo beans, lemon, shaved trinity  
GRILLED YELLOW SWEET CORN  |  pork cracklins, queso fresco, aleppo, smokey miso aioli  
BABY ICEBERG SALAD  |  heirloom tomatoes, cured yolk, bacon ends, avocado-buttermilk dressing  
TRIPE CHILI CORNBREAD SKILLET  |  hominy, sour cream, scallion, smoked mozz & cheddar   
ROASTED JAPANESE EGGPLANT   |  shakshuka spice, walnut pralines, feta, chermoula, toasted brioche   
MARINATED CAULIFLOWER SALAD  |  celery heart, anaheim romesco, cajun dukkah   
SPICY ROASTED NANTES CARROTS  |  goat kefir, baby heirloom tomatoes, toasted yellow eyed peas, okra leaf   
BRAISED COLLARDS  |  lady edison country ham, chino valley egg, fresno hot sauce   
OGO CAESAR  |  monterey bay seaweed, white anchovies, mcgrath’s mustard greens, parmigiano reggiano   
BURRATA  |  house tasso ham, muffuletta relish, grilled bread, mustard flowers   
FRIED MISSISSIPPI CATFISH  |  house pickles, celery salt, red remoulade   
CHICKEN LIVER PATE  |  knob creek, bacon fat, piccalilli, mustard seeds, baguette   
HOUSE ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE  |  peads & barnetts pork, anson mills sea island red peas, marjoram, house gorditas   
SUNBURST FARMS TROUT CAVIAR  |  smoked trout rillettes, hoecake, kentucky sorghum, chive, meyer lemon crema  
DUNGENESS CRAB HUSHPUPPIES  |  bourbon barrel aged hot sauce, boil spice, poblano butter   
HOKKAIDO BAY SCALLOP CEVICHE  |  celery leaf, lemon, green chiles, cajun yucca chips   
ROASTED BONE MARROW  |  horseradish chimichurri, creole remoulade, pickled red onions, grilled bread   
CHICKEN FRIED PORK CHEEK  |  ancho bbq, pickled radish, refried red beans, pineapple verde, blue corn crumble   
SQUASH BLOSSOM CHILE RELLENO  |  humboldt fog, christmas lima bean succotash, cornmeal crust, pumpkin seed mole   
CHARRED OCTOPUS  |  crispy weiser fingerlings, anchovy remoulade, mustard greens, blood orange mojo   
FULLY DRESSED PO’ BOY BURGER  |  strauss grassfed beef, fried willapa bay oysters, pop’s slaw, portuguese roll, fries  
BLACK TIGER PRAWN GUMBO  |  okra, red laurel steeped rice, tobacco leeks, blackstrap worcestershire, grilled bread   
SEARED HUDSON VALLEY FOIE GRAS  |  pain perdu, smoked strawberries, cocoa nib, lemon balm, fruity pebbles  
BAKED ORECCHIETTE PASTA  |  crawfish eÉ touffeÉ e, willow maid dry jack, jambalaya tomatoes, turbodog ale  
FRIED WHOLE GAME HEN  |  buttermilk biscuits, serrano jelly, grated nutmeg, crushed pecans, honeycomb  
LIBERTY FARMS ORGANIC DUCK BREAST  |  john haulk yellow corn grits, roasted black kale, mulled huckleberries  
SMOKED PORTERHOUSE PORK CHOP  |  blistered shishito spoonbread, mama dip’s chow-chow, pork neck redeye jus  
36 HOUR PRIME BONELESS BEEF RIB  |  rocky canyon yams, crispy parsnips, charred leeks, pickled maitakes, potlikker demi  
COUNTRY CAPTAIN STYLE COLORADO LAMB SHANK  |  mint raita, pistachio baharat, pickled okra, crunchy chickpeas  


CHICORY “CAFE CON LECHE” BREAD PUDDING ICE CREAM SANDWICH horchata ice cream, guerrero chocolate, cayenne creme anglaise


horchata ice cream, guerrero chocolate, cayenne creme anglaise

KASSADY’S MAMA’S KEY LIME PIE secret recipe, served with whipped cream (limited availability) 


secret recipe, served with whipped cream (limited availability) 

PATE A CHOUX BEIGNETS  |  “bananas foster” dulce de leche

PATE A CHOUX BEIGNETS  |  “bananas foster” dulce de leche

COCONUT SORBET toasted coconut, peanut butter biscotti


toasted coconut, peanut butter biscotti

STRAWBERRY RHUBARB CRISP toasted oats, ginger, vanilla bean, lemon curd ice cream


toasted oats, ginger, vanilla bean, lemon curd ice cream


Neighborhood Barroom

Neighborhood Barroom


Preux—our first floor neighborhood barroom—offers laid back neighborhood vibes. Our open air frozen daiquiri bar, true grit soul food and warm hospitality channel the good times of the French Quarter. Whether popping in for Happy Hour with coworkers or sitting down for a casual dinner with friends, we hope our downstairs can become your home away from home.



CAST IRON CORNBREAD | kentucky sorghum, cracked white pepper, butter
BAKED MAC & CHEESE | scallions, turbodog ale, willow maid dry jack
MONSTER SLAW DAWG | half pound beef hoffy, carolina gold bbq, chowchow, sweet slaw, buttered
TURKEY NECK GRAVY POUTINE | hand cut skin-on fries, burrata, rib rub, collards, cook out slaw
CREOLE ENTOMATADA TOSTADA SUPREME | pulled chicken, rojo beans, house masa, lime, queso
GRILLED YELLOW SWEET CORN | pork cracklins, queso fresco, aleppo, smokey miso aioli
BABY ICEBERG SALAD | heirloom tomaotoes, cured yolk, bacon ends, avocado-buttermilk dressing
FRIED MISSISSIPPI CATFISH | house pickles, celery salt, red remoulade
DUNGENESS CRAB HUSHPUPPIES | bourbon barrel green hot sauce, boil spice, poblano butter

chicken po boy.jpg


FRIED WILLAPA BAY OYSTERS | house louisiana red hot, creole mayo, pop’s slaw (fd) 
“PRINCE’S HOT” FRIED MISSISSIPPI CATFISH | nashville grease toss, red remoulade, cookout slaw (fd)
FRIED BLACK TIGER PRAWNS | old bay, chunky creole cocktail sauce, pop’s slaw (fd) 
FRIED CHICKEN | fresno-poblano buffalo sauce, avocado ranch, shaved red onion, pop’s slaw
FRENCH FRIES & GRAVY | bacon ends, collards, creole mayo, pop’s slaw (fd) 
CREOLE EGGPLANT PARM | jambalaya tomatoes, creole mayo, lettuce, ricotta, willow maid dry jack
ROASTED CAULIFLOWER | heirloom tomatoes, anaheim romesco, pickled maitakes, shaved trinity slaw


IT’S ALL GRAVY | house andouille, smoked mozz, slow cooked egg, country sausage gravy   
PRETTY TONY | squash blossoms, charred leeks, crispy country ham, tony’s pesto, parmigiano
BIG EASY | pulled chicken, black tiger prawns, smoked mozz, persillade, jambalaya tomatoes
SMOKE BOX KILLA | smoked pork shoulder, cheddar, red onion, paulie’s pomegranate-habanero bbq
CAJUN AL PASTOR | house tasso ham, queso fresco, ancho bbq, charred pineapple & tomatillo salsa
SKINNY GENE | kale, burrata, maitake mushrooms, pumpkin seed crumble, roasted garlic puree
*all pizza can be prepared vegetarian


GUMBO | black tiger prawns, okra, tobacco leeks
JAMBALAYA | pulled chicken. house tasso ham, garlic confit
ÉTOUFFÉE | louisiana crawfish, holy trinity, shellfish veloute
RED BEANS | house andouille, smoked beef ends, blackstrap molasses


Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

{served from noon to 4pm}

BAKED BEANS | sea island red peas, smoked beef ends, blackstrap molasses, marjoram
BBQ JOINT FRIES | hand cut & skin-on, memphis rib rub seasoning, carolina gold bbq dipping sauce
CAST IRON CORNBREAD | kentucky sorghum, really good butter
BAKED MAC & CHEESE | turbodog black ale cheese sauce, vella dry jack crust
BRAISED COLLARDS | roasted pork shoulder, house fresno hot sauce
PAIN PERDU TRIPLE STACK | brioche, citrus whipped ricotta, smoked strawberries, mexican chocolate
SMOKED SUNBURST FARMS TROUT BAGEL | cured yolk, heirloom tomato, pickled onions, meyer lemon crema
AVOCADO TOAST | kale, maitake mushrooms, charred leeks, toasted pumkin seeds, poached egg
CREOLE SHAKSHUKA | baked eggs, jambalaya tomatoes, eggplant, feta, scallion, toast
HUEVOS RANCHEROS | tripe posole, rojo beans, house gorditas, queso fresco, cilantro, poached eggs
BREAKFAST PIZZA | slow cooked egg, house andouille, sausage gravy, smoked mozz, biscuit crust
HOKKAIDO BAY SCALLOP CEVICHE | celery leaf, lemon, chile, cajun yucca chips
BURGER & FRIES | grassfed beef, french toast bun, pimento chz, house tasso, spicy ketchup, fried egg
FRIED CHICKEN & WAFFLES | mary’s chicken breast, buttermilk cornbread waffle, honey, pecans & butter
SQUASH BLOSSOM CHILE RELLENO | humboldt fog, christmas lima bean succotash, cornmeal crust, pumpkin seed mole
SHRIMP & GRITS | black tiger prawns, anson mills grits, grilled baguette, besh’s barbecue cream sauce
CRAWFISH ÉTOUFFÉE | louisiana crawfish, bay laurel steeped rice, grilled baguette, shellfish velouteÉ 


Happy Hour

Happy Hour


Whether it's an after-work jaunt with co-workers or out you're out for a night on the town, we’re certain that we got what you need to have a proper happy hour. We've got soulful tunes streaming through the speakers, a cool breeze thanks to our open air layout, a spacious patio and some of the best deals in DTLA, you’ll quickly lose yourself in the moment.