Rooted in the delightfully bold flavors and techniques of the Creole and Cajun kitchen's, we season our soul food with a good bit of Lowcountry swag and So-Cal culture. Every dish we serve is a result of our entire kitchen working together as a family. Our scratch cookery focuses on thoughtfully sourced sustainable ingredients, modern culinary technique and puttin' a whole lotta' love into everything we do. Whether getting eats with us at our downstairs barroom Preux or our upstairs dining room Proper, we truly hope that you'll dig our attention to detail when it comes to making food to satisfy your soul. 

We strive to source our food and product from sustainable companies operated with love, care and integrity. We're proudly sourcing from (and supporting) Rancho Gordo, Anson Mills, Johnson County Country Hams, La Brea Bakery, Fresh Origins, Peads & Barnetts, Stone Valley Farm, Beeler's, Mary's Free Range Poultry, Vella Cheese Company, Berkeley Farms, Wuthrich, North Country Smokehouse, Strauss Free Raised Grass Fed Beef, Santa Monica Seafood, Gioia Cheese Co, Giusto's, Chino Valley Ranchers & Hudson Valley Foie Gras.


(pru): French, meaning brave, valiant, gallant, courageous. 

Preux—our downstairs barroom—offers laid back neighborhood vibes. Our open air frozen daiquiri bar, true grit soul food and warm hospitality channel the good times of the French Quarter. Whether popping in for Happy Hour with coworkers or sitting down for a casual dinner with friends, we hope our downstairs can become your home away from home.


(präpər): Conforming to established standards of behavior or manners.

Proper—our upstairs dining room—offers an elegant gathering place for modern food and beverage. Our bistro seating, extensive dinner menu and craft cocktails embrace the illustrious characteristics of Uptown New Orleans. The next time you're craving southern hospitality in the heart of Los Angeles, we hope you'll make reservations with us upstairs.