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Rooted in the delightfully bold flavors and techniques of cuisine all across The South, the kitchen at Preux & Proper embodies a collection of great American stories told though family recipes, heirloom ingredients and an assortment of regional specialties. Our scratch kitchen whole-heartedly works every day to cook, craft and create what we like to call True Grit American Food. Each and every dish we serve is a result of our entire kitchen working together as a family. Just as any good Southerners would do, we pride ourselves on thoughtfully sourcing sustainable ingredients from the farmers, ranchers and fishermen that work with love, care and integrity. Whether getting eats in our neighborhood barroom (Preux) or dining formal upstairs (Proper)  we're certain our kitchen has something to satisfy your soul.

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Our cocktails embody Southern culture in the same fashion as our cuisine. Inspired by our favourite regions of The South, each cocktail tells a story of both past and present. Our Beverage Director Kassady Wiggins hails from Greenville, South Carolina, and each one of her perfectly executed creations is layered with freshly squeezed juices, house made accoutrements, locally sourced ingredients and artisinal spirits. We pride ourselves on creating booze forward cocktails that are refreshing and simple at first sip, yet complex enough to remain compelling until your glass is empty.