Our Team

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Kassady Wiggins (Beverage Director)

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Marc Sittenfield

Director of Hospitality

Todd Green

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Javier Ascencio

Looking back on this path of flavor i find myself on i cant help but think of my aunt's. In the 16 years that I've been working in the food industry I've done everything from working in fine dinning to whole in the wall sandwich shops i can't help but think of them and the lessons I've learned from watching them. They've been my worst critics and my greatest supporters and i don't think i would have come this far without them. Although chef Sammy has been a big inspiration and teacher in my later years I'll always consider them my true inspiration and greatest teachers I'll ever have.

Anthony Rayas

Let's see I attended Los Angeles Trade Tech College from 2007 to 2009 and my third semester Chef Joe gave me a lead to a gig at a small French Bistro called a 750ml in South Pasadena where  executive chef Gronkowski give me a chance with my first professional gig and I had no experience but he wanted someone who wanted to learn but my 1st gig was at a fast food joint Subway in Little Tokyo the very first time I cook I was eight and it was red rice with my mom I would cook at home to help out with the  family when we were having tough times and I always like the feeling of how it brought us together when it was dinner time cuz it's like there was no more problems shortly after I started working with Chef Greg Bernhardt AKA Mega and Chef Chris Morningstar Mega took me under his wing and showd me how to prep a station and Chef Morningstar showed me what it was like to respect the food and standards I worked at a few other restaurants but now I feel that I'm at the place where I want to be. Oh yeah and once I was thinking about quitting cuz I didn't feel like I had What it Took and Chef Mega told me just to come in and we'll get through it.

Paul Trevino

I started cooking at a very young age when my uncle first introduced me to bbqing. But stopped cooking after my Grandmother pasted away who really thought me a lot. It wasn't till my early 30s that I decided to pick it up again and go to culinary school at le cordon bleu. Steve and marry.